Rachel London Pandora

I’m On Pandora Radio!

My single RUNNIN is finally on Pandora Radio & not only do I have my own station, RUNNIN is being played alongside some of my favorite artists like Tove Lo, Ellie Goulding and Halsey! Been working towards this milestone & it’s finally here!

Gas House Radio

Review on Gas House Radio

Thank you Gas House Radio & Aaron Ellis for the review!

“Make no mistake, “Runnin’” is Rachel London’s stage. Despite whatever might be going on with the backing track, the full-on charge of her voice will capture listener’s attentions and hold them for the duration. She gives “Runnin’” an electric charge that will likely catapult it to success.”

See full write-up here:


SAG AFTRA Commercial Shoot

Booked a SAG Commercial!

On set at Miami’s Perez Art Museum shooting a SAG AFTRA *Tide* commercial with these cutie pies!

Shout out to my local agent, Peggi McKinley at The Talent Group.

APRIL 19th: Singing with Kamelleon at Kitchen 305

Get ready to rock and roll…classic rock style with Kamelleon.

I’ll be singing songs like:

-Long Train Runnin (Doobie Brothers)

-You Outta Know (Alanis)

-Rock & Roll (Zeppelin)

Band Members: Nicole Paredes (vocals), David Frangioni (drums), Scott Sander (bass), Hector Camacho (guitar), Rob Schiff (voice & keys), Rachel London (voice).

April 19th, Kitchen 305 at the Newport Beachside Resort in Sunny Isles, 9pm.


Living at the edge of paradise.

I live at the edge of paradise. Literally. Figuratively.

Six months ago I flipped a coin between moving from Los Angeles to NYC or Miami. I sold everything, drove across the country with my dog and landed here…at the edge of paradise. In 2013 I’d made some incredible relationships in South Florida by working with musical heavy hitters like Rudy Perez, Jon Secada, David Frangioni, Mark Hudson & Troy Remi.

In reality, I knew these relationships weren’t what would take my career to the next level, but I needed a change. I needed to get out of the bubble that is Los Angeles, where the over-saturation of “art” felt suffocating & oppressive rather than inspiring. It was easy to justify why Miami was a good choice; I’m always consumed with making the “right” choice and this justification gave me a sense of security. As an artist, this need to feel secure & contemporaneously be creating incredible stories is a dangerous place to live. I don’t want to play it safe, if I do, a career in the arts is the worst place to be. I am messy and raw and expressive. I aspire to be unapologetic no matter what because I trust my artistic capabilities and intuition. It can’t matter what I “should” be doing,” only certainty, connection to my clear sense of purpose & looking towards the big picture can be my truth if I’m going to survive.

After sitting down with various labels, managers, producers and fans, I’ve realized that I’m right at the edge of tasting everything I’ve craved. The feedback is always positive. I need to keep the fire inside alive. To continue pushing allowing me to take my career to the next level, where I can share love, music, art and life on a larger scale. What has held me back? I have only myself to hold responsible. It’s not the job of anyone else to see what it is I know lives inside. It’s my job to show them in a way that’s undeniable. Whatever it is I do, as long as it’s carried out with pureness of heart and intent, I can’t go wrong. The heart is the seed and seat of intelligence.

I’m ready to bask in the light of fulfillment as I dive off the edge and into the perfect water, relinquishing my fears. Sink or swim.